Pop Culture Inspired Fashion For Fall 2020

In an attempt to make 2020 somewhat bearable, let’s all take a moment to talk fandom fashion and fall, shall we?

While I do love me some summer vibes, as soon as it hit September 1st, I was busting out the fall (and Halloween!) decorations and got myself a big ol’ cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte. And now that it is officially autumn, I can finally post this!

Also, the website I used to use to create outfit collages, Polyvore, went down a couple years back and I had to switch over to URSTYLE. It is pretty much a 1:1 replacement for Polyvore and they even let Polyvore users bring over their sets … Which I didn’t know until Polyvore completely shut down and I couldn’t retrieve all my old sets. 🙁 Ah well, time to make new ones starting with some fall fashion!


Umbrella Academy Fall Fashion 2020

Dark Academic Preppy – Umbrella Academy

Of course, this list needs some Umbrella Academy love! The HerUniverse collection is pretty much all sold out but finding similar dark academic preppy pieces will help with that kickass plaid and blazer fix for fall. Pairing the plaid with a turtleneck sweater and some loafers will complete the look and have you ready to fight crime as a dysfunctional family.

A good twist on this fall styling staple is giving it an edgier, “darker” vibe that would fit right into the world of Umbrella Academy. Here’s the inspo set I put together that merges the dark academic with preppy touches.

Umbrella Academy Fall Fashion 2020

Suggested items:

Tartan Mini Skirt – Nasty Gal

Boyfriend Blazer – ASOS

Loafer Slides – Target

The Mandalorian Fall Fashion 2020

Nude & Metallic Tones – The Mandalorian

While browsing through different Fall Fashion 2020 slideshows online the reoccurring theme was all about nudes and metallic (or jewel) tones, and that immediately reminded me of The Mandalorian.

And okay, maybe I really wanted to put together a fashion set inspired by Mando because the first season was amazing. I seriously cannot wait for the second season!

Muted, matte nudes with hints of autumn-inspired jewel and metallic tones look great together and practically go with any sort of style. Casual, put-together, just sitting at home but still wanting to feel fabulous–it just works with it all.

Mandalorian Fall Fashion 2020

Suggested items:

The Child Crossbody

Bomber Jacket – MissGuided

Star Wars™ | RockLove Imperial Credit Necklace – Yellow Gold

Wonder Woman 1984 Inspired Fall Fashion 2020

80’s Geometric Patterns – Wonder Woman 1984

Another Wonder Woman movie and it has 80’s aesthetics? Yes, please!

One popular trend that keeps popping up online is definitely geometric patterns, which immediately reminded me of the geometric prints found throughout the 1980’s. Whether that is through the patterns on the clothes itself or through the cut of the fabric, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to glam it up this fall with some WW84 inspired pieces in your wardrobe rotation.



WW84 Fall Fashion 2020

Suggested items:

High Waisted Flare Jeans – Nasty Gal

Geometric Handbag – Amazon

8 Black YouTubers To Watch & Support

By now, most of us probably watch more YouTube content than actual television. Or maybe you just like binging it all. Whatever the case, check out these amazing Black YouTubers and show your support!

These are all creators who I’ve been following and loving, but, that doesn’t mean these are the only Black creators out there. YouTube definitely has its issues, but, we can all at least show support by subscribing, watching and liking videos, or even donating directly to livestreams on top of doing our due diligence with protests, donating, signing petitions, and supporting Black-owned businesses.

And one more thing…. Share your favorite Black creators in the comments section! It doesn’t even have to be YouTubers–illustrators, podcasters, writers, you name it!

For the tingles (ASMR)


Silver Hare
Even if you aren’t into Reiki, Tyler’s videos are still SUPER calming with his voice and topics. Certain words tend to give me ASMR tingles when relaxing and going to sleep, so his whispered talking is definitely a go-to when getting ready for bed.







Boheme and Chella ASMR
Her foreign language ASMR videos are great! Well, all of the videos have amazing sound quality and great tingles, but she is definitely the queen of language ASMR videos. Get rested and learn a thing or two from a different language.

For the advice


Roberto Blake
Wow, what a freakin’ secret gem of content! You want to be an entrepreneur? Create a side hustle? Maybe even start your own YouTube brand? Roberto is your man. Most videos out there about these topics are super basic and just mostly fluff to sell an expensive course, but, Roberto is here to give you real insight and actionable goals.






Millennial in Debt
Think investing, personal financial, and getting out of debt are out of your reach or too complicated to understand? Don’t worry, these two financial queens got your back. Shakira and Melissa have created an empire with videos, articles, a financial literacy book, and more. Like Roberto, Millennial in Debt is real, actionable content that is easy to understand and totally manageable if the idea of a budget spreadsheet makes your head spin.

For the commentary


Dangelo Wallace
This is actually Dangelo’s second channel, where the videos aren’t as “polished” (they are still amazing) and he talks about pop culture and general commentary. I’m not a fan of the commentary YouTubers who just tend to yell into their mic or don’t really provide a solid opinion on something–Dangelo is the complete opposite. I will easily binge through a bunch of his videos at once while laughing along the way.







Amanda Elimian
Amanda is seriously talented in not only commentary but also makeup, which is what initially drew me in. Wanna know about a new Netflix show and if it is worth the watch? Amanda does a lot of videos on television along with her opinions on it lately, but she also does general pop culture and lifestyle commentary. Plus, her eyeshadow is always inspiring!

For the lifestyle


Kayla Lashae
Wow, been following Kayla for yeaarrssss and still love watching her lifestyle videos, especially while getting stuff done around the house as her every day routines can be super inspiring to get off your butt! Her Insta is also very aesthetic and just her overall vibe on her channel too.






Fashion Wizardry
The bulk of Matildah’s content is all about upcycling things into super stylish fashion and altering your current clothes, but she also has a lot of great content related to style in general and also lifestyle videos that are super fun to watch. Her tutorial videos are easy to follow, she doesn’t ramble on about random stuff when you’re on the hunt for a tutorial, and it always looks SO GOOD.

The Hero’s Journal 101: The Story & Overview of The Hero’s Journal Productivity Journal

Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if the goals we wanted to accomplish were more like quests?

Why can’t we refer to ourselves as heroes with an epic quest, anyway?

Well, the founders of The Hero’s Journal had the same exact questions and decided to do something about it!

What is a Hero’s Journal? Essentially, it is a pre-made bullet journal that helps you achieve a big goal, project, dream–whatever you want to call it–in 90-day intervals. But instead of a normal pre-made bullet journal that doesn’t have a “theme,” the Hero’s Journal turns productivity into a quest.

The idea started out as a Kickstarter created by Nick and Kyle (the founders) after they were fed up with trying to set up goals and then failing to achieve them. Pretty sure many of us are in that same boat and really like the concept of turning goals into IRL quests, so it is no surprise when their original Kickstarter achieved over 100% of its goal!

I stumbled across the Hero’s Journal through a random Facebook ad. I really enjoy playing (and DMing!) Dungeons & Dragons so this reminded me of building out a character sheet and going on a tabletop adventure. Of course, I ordered one of the journals without hesitation.

Diving into the journal

The journal itself is well made. A golden embossed emblem sits on the top of the bright red cover. The texture is nice to the touch and feels like smoothed out fabric. You also get a free sticker of their wizard mascot, which I promptly put on my reusable Kleen Kanteen like the fake VSCO girl I am.

Opening up the journal is quite magical. Okay, not literally, but the contents inside are truly worth the money.

You have a table of contents to help guide you (along with a ribbon bookmark like a classic journal to save your page), a few pages explaining how it all works, and of course dozens of cute illustrations to really make the journal come alive. Plus, if you check out their Facebook page, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration for coloring in the illustrations.

What I really like about the Hero’s Journal is the emphasis of accountability and the ability to be very detailed about the quest you want to embark on.

There are countless productivity articles out there that mention how you should be very specific about the goal you want to achieve and break it down into manageable pieces that you can work on daily, weekly, or monthly.

The main way to be overly specific to help keep you accountable is simply writing out your goal in a specific way. Instead of saying “learn a new language,” try to write it out as “I want to learn how to speak, write, and read basic Spanish in 90 days.”

From there, you can put together the positives of achieving your goal but also remember to write out the negatives of not achieving your goal.

Of course, you can do exactly that with the Hero’s Journal. In fact, it is the first part of your quest! You first map out your goal and also write out the consequences of not sticking to your quest. Plus, you have the ability to list “allies,” or friends and family–and even objects and places!–that can help you achieve your quest.

Once you set up the foundations, you’re ready to embark on your quest! Again, Hero’s Journal will help you break down the goal into very manageable steps and then you have daily page setups very similar to a bullet journal to help you create a to-do list, write down any notes from the day, and also log things that you are grateful for each day.

The journal is pre-planned for 90 days worth of journaling and then broken into “Chapters,” which can each represent bigger milestones or goal posts you want to hit by the end of that chapter. And of course, the cute illustrations can be found throughout the daily pages and not just the main overview pages!

If you’re not much for physical bullet journals the team also released a digital version that is also cheaper and comes with extra goodies.

Final thoughts

For about two years now I’ve been manually putting together a bullet journal with different monthly themes but it can be quite time-consuming. I’m also not super great at pretty or cool handwriting and illustrations so my bujo layouts tend to look sad in comparison to the lovely spreads that can be found online. I definitely wanted to try a “pre-made” journal but wasn’t having much luck finding one that I liked aesthetically until finally happening across the Hero’s Journal. Now I’m not sure I will go back to making my own bullet journal layouts!

If you’re looking to add more whimsy to your goal-setting and want to feel like the hero of your own quest, then do give Hero’s Journal a try! Whether you go analog or digital, be sure to let me know what your first quest will be and we can be accountability allies! 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or sponsored by The Hero’s Journal and bought the journal with my own money and of my own accord. All the thoughts in this post are my own.

Star Wars & Life Affirmations

For this year’s Star Wars Day, why not do some learnin’ and reflecting on the interesting life affirmations you can find throughout the Star Wars Universe?

Okay, it didn’t sound cheesy to me at least.

Because of the long history of the film franchise, you can find a ton of content out there revolving around the mantras, lifestyles, and pretty much the philosophy of Star Wars. We recently even dived deeper into the philosophies of the Mandalorian and of course the philosophies of Baby Yoda (chicky nuggies and choccy milk, duh).

There are quite a few messages to be found throughout all the movies and not just main the storyline–even in the spin-offs, the books, the comics, TV series, and video games. While I never got super into the books or games, I have been a big-time fan of the movies and wanted to talk more about three major affirmations that can be found in Star Wars.

And if you’re so inclined, here are books on the Jedi and Sith that you can pick up from Amazon!

Life Affirmations of the Star Wars Universe

This Is The Way

This is the way. Here is a newer one from The Mandalorian television series on Disney+ which nearly instantly became a go-to phrase online.

While it is mostly meant as a saying to reinforce the lifestyle of the Mandalorian, it can be applied as a general life affirmation.

This is the way to success. This is the way to victory. This is the way to achieving your goals.

Mandalorian bounty hunters are resilient and creative thinkers. They find solutions to their problems no matter what. You can certainly do the same every day.

Uthar Wynn Star Wars Day

This is a quote from Sith Master Uthar Wynn from The Knights of the Old Republic game that is really interesting.

Most of the “Sith way” tends to be broken down into being swept up in emotion and allowing those emotions completely and utterly control you. Anger and desire being the biggest no-nos according to the Jedi. The Sith, in turn, embrace these emotions.

Despite the message of not allowing fear and anger to consume you in most of the Star Wars canon, this quote, in particular, is still a great affirmation.

Another way to look at strife is adversity. Our greatest goals will always have great hurdles, but, getting over them and finally achieving those goals is an amazing feeling. Your hard work paid off! That is certainly something to celebrate. In that same vein, when you haven’t struggled and every avenue in life is easily obtained, do those moments of victory feel the same? I’d like to think they don’t and the feeling of any accomplishment would feel hollow.

Achieving goals through hard work aside, we also grow as individuals from the challenges we face. This is where the thinking from the Sith might differ slightly. While the Sith might say to let anger, fear, and hate consume you, let’s take those challenging moments in life that can evoke those emotions and then learn to be better people who don’t inflict the same damage unto others. Let’s use those feelings for good rather than evil.

Yoda Star Wars Day

We have to talk about a Yoda quote, of course!

One of the pillars of the Jedi is Stoicism. While I don’t follow Stoicism personally, I do find it interesting and Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations is definitely worth a read.

We could be the most prepared, have the most knowledge, and yet still we are only human. We shouldn’t let that control our emotions, however. We should take in stride and continue to grow as individuals and as a society. At least that’s what I gather from this quote from Yoda.

It doesn’t mean having a defeatist attitude toward life. We should continue to be prepared for the future, but it doesn’t mean we are invincible. And that’s okay.

What are some of your favorite quotes from Star Wars to use as life affirmations?

What I’m Reading, Watching & Fangirling: January 2020

Are monthly favorite posts still a thing? Let’s bring them back for 2020!

My January faves are here and I wanna share. How was January for you, nerds?

If you aren’t familiar, the Nerdjoy “tagline” is mind, body, fandom and I like to categorize my monthly favorites under it. Mind tends to be self-development/improvement stuff while body is fashion, beauty, and wellness related and then fandom is of course general geekiness I’ve been liking for the month.

m i n d

The Nordic Theory of Everything

The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life, by Anu Partanen
If you asked me what made me pick up this book at the local used book store, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I was just simply drawn to the premise, which is a look at Nordic (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway) views on career, healthcare, relationships, and just general life stuff compared to American views. The author moved to the USA in order to marry her husband and the differences in how things work between Finland–and Nordic countries in general–and America are fascinating.

Oak meditation app

Oak meditation app
Honestly, I’m terrible about meditating. ADD/anxiety makes it extra difficult to sit in one place for even 10 minutes and think mindfully, but, Oak has definitely helped and I’ve already clocked in about 6 1/2 hours of meditation on the app! It is completely free and offers the ability to customize your meditation routine with a guided voice, duration, background ambience, and more. It also has breathing exercises that I do every so often on particularly bad anxiety days. My favorite meditation is the Grateful one as it makes you focus on certain mantras/affirmations, which I find helps my busy mind a lot more to stay focused compared to thinking about my breath.

Duolingo Danish

Danish on Duolingo
While most of everyone (okay–my husband) thinks I picked up Danish because I was reading The Nordic Theory of Everything, the two actually don’t have much of a connection! What really triggered my interest in Danish, and eventually visiting Denmark, is a very vivid dream I had one night where I was temporarily living in Copenhagen. I woke up and also realized, my anxiety and depression were controlling so much of my life that I had dropped most hobbies, friends, and was scared to travel when I usually love to travel and hike and explore. So, I made a goal to get decent at Danish and start planning a real vacation to Denmark.

Technically, I started learning Danish at the end of December and have been using Duolingo. Usually, when I have these types of “what the hell am I doing with my life” panic moments, I tend to kind of just … not follow through. But, for some reason, the Danish has stuck and I’m approaching 40 consecutive days of language learning on Duolingo! I’ve also been putting together the itinerary for the Denmark trip and honestly looking forward to checking out Arhaus more than Copenhagen. Woo!

b o d y

Toss A Coin To Your Witcher Jordandene

Toss A Coin To Your Witcher shirt
It brings me so much joy and excitement that more people are discovering The Witcher and also loving it! I’ve been a fan of the games for years and more recently, a fan of the books. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the Netflix series at first and then I was blown away. So, when I saw that Jordandene had a Witcher shirt, you bet I instantly bought it! And so my Jordandene collection grows.

Farsali Unicorn Essence Face Oil
THIS. SMELLS. SO. GOOD. OMG. Does it actually help my skin? No idea! I already have a multi-step skincare routine so it’s hard to tell if adding this in has helped, but, it smells so dang good that it’s okay if it doesn’t really do much. I picked up the sample pack of all the best selling Farsali face oils after I ran out of the gold flake one and wanted to try something new. Definitely going to pick up the full-sized bottle soon!

f a n d o m

Stardew Valley Update

New Stardew Valley updates for PS4
Aahhh, Stardew Valley. My favorite game to just relax with after a long day, week, month…year, heh. The latest updates such as co-op and other new goodies were added for the console version of the game and it has been great! Unfortunately, I have nobody to play with for the co-op mode but at least I get to try out the new fish pond and other updates on my OG save.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
This was a date night pick and it was definitely an interesting watch. I loved the cinematography and the ending is definitely out there, but, I won’t spoil it!

The Witcher Jaskier

The Witcher (Netflix) Soundtrack on Spotify
This has been the soundtrack to my life–working out (haha), focusing at work, just listening because the songs are all amazing. I particularly like the songs related to Yennefer’s theme, the opening song, and of course Jaskier’s banger of a song, Toss A Coin To Your Witcher.