And we’re back!

That’s right, I’m back doing Nerdjoy!

If you’re not familiar with Nerdjoy, let me briefly explain it: Nerdjoy was my old blog that was dedicated mostly to geek fashion and beauty but was definitely an overall general geek lifestyle blog. I ran it for a couple of years before going on a loooong hiatus, coming back wanting to try something else (and semi-failing) and now feel confident enough to bring back Nerdjoy as my creative outlet.

Am I still a minimalist?

Yes! I’ve adapted it to fit my personal lifestyle and honestly no longer buy collectibles (Funko Pops and the like) unless I can really, really justify the item taking up space–which has been zero purchases so far. My closet is also still minimalist, but, I’m constantly rotating my go-to pieces and love shopping second hand and indie, geek-owned labels.

Do you still support cruelty-free/vegan beauty?

Yep and this extends to household products as well!

What about simple living?

After lots of trial and error, I think I’ve found a good balance between my pop culture obsessions and taking time to enjoy simple living habits. I’d love to share this with you all!

Nerdjoy had several versions in the past–each one adding on to the next and making it something better. But, the initial goal when starting this blog was to create a website that focused on geek fashion and beauty while still holding to my beliefs of cruelty-free, vegan beauty and now sustainable and ethical fashion. I also want to add back that lifestyle aspect, and well, here we are!

I will also have a YouTube channel for Nerdjoy that I will be adding videos to. Enjoy!